August 30 – September 20

Now for the exciting news… AUGUST 30 – SEPTEMBER 20 I WILL BE IN THE CONTINENTAL UNITED STATES! As my initial two-year to indefinite commitment is soon to enter the indefinite phase feeling God’s call to have me continue as staff here with Students International in the Dominican Republic, I am excited about the opportunity to connect personally with as many of you as possible.

You all are a much more crucial part of this ministry than you can imagine & in the three weeks I’d love to meet with as many people as possible… individuals, small groups, churches, community groups… really the possibilities are limitless! I’m a girl excited to share, be encouraged by catching up on what God’s been doing in your corner of the world, & willing to travel! Please pray & consider how to continue personally in the ministry here in the DR or whom you might encourage to become a part. Then, no dilly-dallying, drop me an email with possible dates ( or give my parents a call (Arlan & Gwen Ecklund 712.263.8486) or drop my mom an email (

For those of you in the Midwest who maybe don’t yet have plans for Labor Day, Monday, September 4, we’re planning to have a big open house for family, friends & supporters at my parents house in Denison, more details will be soon to follow.

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