Feliz Dia de Amor y Amistad!

Happy Valentine’s Day with love from the island! I’m very excited to post that I now should have regular internet access (that is when there’s electricity here on the island)! Praise Jesus!

Life here is in full swing. There have been quite a number of new students attending the art classes. My prayer is that each student, visitor, or whoever it may be that enter the door of the art site may come to know the Lord in His way & His time! Fran & I both desire to truly get to know our students, their families, their stories, & to be sensitive to the Holy Spirit as to how best minister to them as the hands & feet of Jesus.

Since January, another big focus of my time & energy has been the English classes I’m teaching to our Dominican staff who are working towards English proficiency. As ESL is not my highest passion in life, it is sometimes the biggest battle to sit & prepare lesson plans. It is also a huge blessing to see so many excited to use what they learn & to keep in grasp somewhat of how huge of a blessing it is & will continue to be to those staff as well as the students soon to come from the States as their learning English is enabling ministry.

I’m just to about complete three months since my move here to the DR, and while life’s not all roses (it wouldn’t be interesting that way) that the Lord has continued to be faithful to maintain in me the blessed assurance that I’m right where I’m supposed to be. Make sure to check out the prayer page, I’m going to try not to duplicate info too much on both pages, but am going there right now and covet your prayers. Thank you for the part you play in this ministry, even just in your interest enough to read these my random &/or organized ponderings & prayer requests 🙂

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