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Living Prophetically as Light & Blessing to those around you

How long overdue am I at updating this website! I’m embarrased that it’s been so long!

I was reflecting this morning on what it means to be light & blessing in someone else’s life. This last Friday night some of the women from the Cell Group Leo & I lead met at my house for a time of fellowship & prayer. We made tacos, ate, talked, laughed & then dear Leo stayed inside taking care of some of the small kids while we ladies went out on the porch of my house to pray together.

About a month ago all the women from the church had a get together to eat & be together. It had been awhile since some of those sisters had laughed so much. Nonetheless, Friday afternoon before the ladies arrived at my house I was thinking, we had fun & fellowship & it was good, but there was a lacking of communion of our souls. No one left that evening truly knowing how they could better love their sister. It was a great time, but not complete, not enough.

So, here we were last Friday night… Teenagers, singles, married women, new believers, & some more seasoned in the faith we came together to love on one another in prayer. Jesus was so focused on us truly loving one another. Love which has no conditions. It’s not, “I’ll love you if you change,” because only the Holy Spirit can do a work of transformation in us. It’s not, “I love you for what you can give me or do for me,” we’re called even to love & pray for our enemies.

It’s about loving profectically… What?! It’s about loving from God’s heart. His love manifested in us, without condition to love others. That’s what the greatest commandment is about. Loving God & loving others. Loving others in a way that we look past the junk to see what God is doing. It’s about speaking life & blessing to the treasure that is hidden in each jar of clay that is the person in front of you. It’s about loving with God’s love in a way so deep and profound that the other person is left undone, in the Light of Christ, blessed.

Our mission in interpersonal relationships is not to so much to teach, preach or provoke change, but to love so deeply that God’s love in us towards all those around us covers a multitude of sins. Love which brings a security in that there’s no judgment or chastisement. Love which allows God’s presence to bring about transformation for the Eternal Kingdom.

Friday night was a simple time. There was no elegance or granduer to the evening. Simple prayers, sometimes tongue-tied words even, but hearts willing to love, to pray for one another as if it were for oneself; washing each others’ feet through tears and laughter; speaking words of love, light & blessing; loving each other profetically. That’s the kind of love we’re called to. That’s the kind of love that calls the best part in each of us to rise up. The love that encourages the treasure and virtue in each of us to live in the fullness of the beauty of Christ within us.

May His Kingdom come & His will be done on earth as it is in heaven!