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30 More Brothers & Sisters

God’s been doing lots of cool & new things the last few months. One of them is the way He’s been moving within the

 Grupo de Jovenes (Group of Young Adults) in the church I attend here in Jarabacoa. Monday, the 29th of January was a holiday here & for the last month we had been planning an evangelistic outreach in one of the communities here in Jarabacoa. As we spent time praying, preparing, planning, cleaning, & setting up on the dusty ball field, it was all in the eager anticipation of what God was going to do, beyond our expectations.

I wish I could say everything went off without a hitch, that we all as a group of brothers & sisters in Christ wouldn’t have had any issues the few days before the event, that there would have been no problems with sound during the open air event, that there were no delays in people showing up late… but alas, we’re human & while we dealt with issues in many different areas, God’s grace is bigger than our shortcomings… always!

30 young people made decisions for Christ Monday night! Praise Jesus for His saving grace & thank God for His Holy Spirit’s presence who convicts us of our sins & need of Him! Please pray for these who have made decisions. No matter the motives in the moment, may God’s greatness fold them into true relationship with Him. Pray that we as a church body may be responsible & available to disciple & integrate them into the fellowship of believers. Above all, praise Jesus for extending His grace & mercy… His amazing & indescribable love to each of us, including our 30 new brothers & sisters in Christ!