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Hello 2007

So, I’m utterly bewilldered that it’s the middle of January 2007 already! I refuse to try and make excuses to justify the lack of communication & upkeeping of these news & prayer pages, rather, accept the clean slate of grace that is offered to us every year when January rolls around.

Since January 4 I’ve been back in the DR getting back into the swing of things & continuing in faith through the ambiguous land of transition. November 2006 completed my initial two year commitment here in the DR & for those of you who may have not received some of my last communications, I’m in the process of waiting on a new staff, Amy Babb, to raise support & make it to the field to fill the position of Outreach Staff at the Art Site as I transition into starting a new Multimedia Site, being able to use my photography more & serving as an advocate & support for the different SI sites here in the Dominican Republic.

While at Urbana 06 I was able to pick up a lot of great books, one of which is a prayer guide supporting God’s work around the world. As we continue to covet your prayers in support of ours here crying out for REVIVAL, a new & fresh move of God through His Holy Spirit (for the first time in recorded history) here in the Dominican Republic, I have included Operation World‘s description of prayer requests for the DR.

As to not overwhelm myself in writing, or you in reading, I’ll leave you with that for right now as my goal & desire is to share with you again soon! Thank you so much for your prayers & support!