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August 30 – September 20

Now for the exciting news… AUGUST 30 – SEPTEMBER 20 I WILL BE IN THE CONTINENTAL UNITED STATES! As my initial two-year to indefinite commitment is soon to enter the indefinite phase feeling God’s call to have me continue as staff here with Students International in the Dominican Republic, I am excited about the opportunity to connect personally with as many of you as possible.

You all are a much more crucial part of this ministry than you can imagine & in the three weeks I’d love to meet with as many people as possible… individuals, small groups, churches, community groups… really the possibilities are limitless! I’m a girl excited to share, be encouraged by catching up on what God’s been doing in your corner of the world, & willing to travel! Please pray & consider how to continue personally in the ministry here in the DR or whom you might encourage to become a part. Then, no dilly-dallying, drop me an email with possible dates ( or give my parents a call (Arlan & Gwen Ecklund 712.263.8486) or drop my mom an email (

For those of you in the Midwest who maybe don’t yet have plans for Labor Day, Monday, September 4, we’re planning to have a big open house for family, friends & supporters at my parents house in Denison, more details will be soon to follow.

Summer & Travel

Well, it’s been awhile since I’ve posted. Right now I’m updating from Cambria, California. I’m startign week two of a three week period back in the States for some support raising & renewing connections after almost two years of living in the Dominican Republic. As my initial two-year commitment with Students International is coming to a close, I am renewing my commitment & on the “indefinite track” as to how my time will be with SI. There may be some changes & transitions this fall/winter/spring as to what my role on staff will be, & I’ll gladly keep you updated as God’s timing opens the doors to changes.

Let me tell you about summer however… This summer was full with 7 different outreaches from students & groups from all over the US & some international students. 14 weeks or 3 1/2 months of teams. Since our spring staff retreat in the beginning of may, we as a staff have been praying for a revival to occur in the Dominican Republic. This morning as different teams came through to minister in our different sites with us, we saw God move in big & small ways as we sought to be faithful in the mundane & ordinary everyday as much as the big moments of opportunity.

At the Escuela d’Arte (Art Site) we continued normal classes for students 10-adult throughout the summer as well as offered a special summer program to kids ages 5-9. Two days a week we had between 25-35 younger kids who congregated to sing songs, hear a Bible story, do some arts & crafts & be loved on. As kids prepped to return to school, we were asked to paint some murals on classroom walls at a new Christian preschool. As SI’s vision is not only to share the Gospel in the poor communities through ministry sites doing community development based on felt needs of the area, but also to disciple students on short-term outreach, it was a huge privilege yet again to be a part, a simple instrument in the things that God has done this summer, beyond us & beyond what we could’ve asked or imagined.

Thank you for having such an important role in all that is going on!