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New contact info

Upon returning to the DR, my cell phone # changed as has now our address for mail here in the DR:

All mail & packages now go through one address:
Elizabeth Ecklund
Unit 3022 SIDR
3170 Airmans Dr
Ft. Pierce, FL 34946

My phone number is: 809.721.5452

Where did March go?

I can’t believe that it’s April already! (Nor can I believe that this is the third time I’m typing this update, it’s only been erased twice!) For four weeks straight we had outreaches here in the DR. Brothers & sisters from Indiana, Florida, Minnesota, California & Connecticut who were willing to lend their abilities, resources, hearts & prayers to join in what God is doing here in the Dominican Republic. At the Escuela D’Arte (Art School) we have the vision to beautify the property God’s provided us with to also foster the atmosphere of artistic inspiration here on the grounds. “How can all of those big words be achieved?” you may ask. Well, when it hasn’t been raining we’ve been starting little gardens & landscaping. We’ve made lots of discoveries of beautiful plants that are around the property that we’ve been replanting in a more organized fashion. With the help of students on outreach as well as our students from the art school there’s a new mural here on a wall that was once just old peeling white inside the school. My office is freshly painted in a light tan with a cool blue in the closet. All projects that willing hands helped make possible! Thank you Lori Kay, Kathryn, Lindsey, Mary Ellen, Beverly & Mark!

Some projects we’re currently looking at undertaking & how all it would work are to make calendars featuring Fran’s paintings & mini-bio’s of different students here at the art school as a way to support the site with the profits (anyone interested in selling something like that at your church?!). Also, with some of my photography to make greeting cards to sell at the base & anywhere really that would like to sell them, with profits going towards the site. Anyone who’s interested in being a part of the Art Site with Students International in the Dominican Republic in either of those ways, or if you have any other ideas just drop me an email.