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Another week in Jarabacoa before heading to “Almost Haiti”

So, in the middle of our second outreach of the summer, lots of exciting things going on. As we get to the site every morning, the simple question of “how are you doing, what are you thinking/feeling?” has taken us into deep places in the lives of the four fabulous students who are with us these two weeks. Our mornings at the site have been spent trying to find refuge from the hot summer sun as we’ve been working on murals on Biblical murals on canvases that the last few Fridays when we don’t have students at the art site, we’ve been going down to a poor community by the river called “El Pozo” which means “The Puddle” to share a Bible story with them, sing songs, etc.

As this outreach comes to a close in a week, a well-known worship leader in the Spanish-speaking world is putting on a conference at my church here next Saturday. As the students head on planes back to the States, I’ll be attending the conference, have Sunday to relax & felowship at chruch in the afternoon & then Monday morning will be heading to an area called Elias Pina on the border of Haiti where I will spend a week & a half helping a group from Seattle Pacific University who will be on outreach there for six weeks. The way things have worked out, Fran & I don’t have any students at the art site the third outreach & so I will be helping the group adjust culturally, find their roles in ministry there, and to help truly share the vision & mission of Students International with them. I’m incredibly excited to get to know more of this beautiful island & it’s people that I love & to be personally stretched without a doubt in ways I don’t know how to expect, as well as to be able to be with this team for a crucial transition time. After a visit to this area a couple weeks ago my director describes life in Jarabacoa as a five star hotel. I’m excited at the priviledge to see what God has been doing there, be a small part of it, & in the future continue to see what He will do… beyond what we could ever ask or imagine!

It’s not about me, it’s all about Jesus!

That’s our theme from the summer. The first outreach was a blessed time of being met by our faithful Lord exactly where we are & diving into life. Fran & I had four fabulous females with us & as our site was hit by sickness in a big way, it was an incredible two weeks of seeing the Lord work in & through us!

Right now in the beginning of the second outreach, I feel expectant at what He’s going to do in me, in & through the art site, & in the 56 students from the states who will be joining in the ministry of our different sites for the next two weeks.