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Where has January gone?… Holy guacamole- forgive my negligence!

So, as I’m realizing that in a few hours it will be March of 2005, I deeply apologize for the fact that I have not been keeping all my dear friends and family updated as I’d hoped & still would like to. While my computer returned safely from repairs in the States in the middle of January, I’m waiting to hopefully “soon” have internet access readily available in my apartment, and that’s definitely been a huge hindrance to my communicative abilities. Enough with excuses however, time for the updating…

The last month especially has been an incredible time of growing into my family here. Right before Christmas I spent about five days down in the capital with my cousin Kirk’s family, returning back home late on the 23rd. Christmas Eve is the big night for the family to all be together. I spent the evening with Francisco & Yeimi’s family (I knew when I was here for my interview in June that Francisco & I would get along working together, but his wife and I have become great friends & his three kids like my nieces & nephew) where we feasted on a huge Dominican style smorgasbord. The 25th is more the day where everyone’s out in the streets with neigbors, friends & family.

A week later I brought in the New Year with brothers & sisters here at the church some of our staff attends, Amor a Quisqueya (Love to Everyone). There was a big all church potluck including roasted pork (a popular dish for the holidays) before a talent show which ended around 11:15pm where we brought in 2005 in worship & prayer before going outside to see the fireworks being shot in various areas of town after midnight.

January 10th brought us new staff. Brian & Sissy Entrekin & their two little girls joined us (which has been a huge blessing to me as I got the blessing to know them at training in Colorado). Over the holidays I was made aware of an apartment closer to the center of town which came furnished for a reasonable price, & on January 15th I moved. For a week my neighbors included our staff pastor’s family across the street in the furnished house where they have lived since they arrived two & a half years ago- needless to say, the Lord works in interesting ways & in the search they were doing to help prepare for the Entrekin’s arrival, they found a house perfect for ministry opportunities, moved there, and now Brian, Sissy & their girls live across the street from me.

The last few months have brought so many other thoughts and circumstances that I desire to soon be able to share with you. I leave you here for tonight however. As soon as I have hi-speed internet connection I will go crazy posting some pictures finally, and in this week hope to have some time to catch you all up on other news & prayer requests.