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There are sometimes those plans out in front of us that always seem to theoretically seem like they’ll actually come to fruition. Well, as real & exciting as the call I’ve felt to go to the Dominican Republic, it’s incredible to be able to announce that it is a reality with dates and plane tickets as opposed to the “theoretical someday.” Students International’s policy is that financially I be at 90% of my Mandatory Support Goals in order to purchase my tickets. I praise Jesus that I’m able to write that I’m now beyond that! Aleluya, Jehovah Jireh is our Abba who faithfully provides for us!

I just purchased my tickets to make the move to the Dominican Republic! I have a full day of flights NOVEMBER 16 flying from Omaha to Atlanta to St. Louis to New York to Santiago, Dominican Republic (arriving at 1:45am on the 17th). The irony of departing on November 16 is that it is exactly one year from the day Jesus renewed His call on my life in the midst of a few despairing days & He sent me to Urbana ’03! That means three weeks from today I will be starting to settle in in Jarabacoa. I’ve been in contact with our staff leaders on the field. They will be arranging some temporary housing for me as I will spend that first week doing orientation along with some house/apartment hunting, car shopping, getting a cell phone, and everything else involved in “getting settled.”



As my days Stateside are now numbered, there are also many things that need to be wrapped up here. Highest importance to me is relationships! The extreme paradox of excitement & grieving are swirling about inside me as I’m so excited to go to where I know I’m supposed to be, but that doesn’t mean it’s easy to say goodbye to those who have shaped and formed my life by their presence in it (it’s not death, but there is going to be physical separation, and that is “grieve worthy”).




This is a promise that the Lord has sweetly spoken into my life, & it is one of the amazing promise & truths I’m clinging to through all this transition. May it be so in each of your lives too! Thank you for your prayers & support! God bless!



I can’t put into words how incredible training was! Friday I flew back to Iowa where I’ll be for the next indefinite amount of time in the end of my support raising process.

As I reflect on my weeks in Colorado, I’m blown away by the Truths that have been brought back into the Light about who the Lord is. God is God! God is good! God is not always safe, but He is faithful! I wouldn’t want to head to the field without going through this training during which I was allowed to grow in self-awareness, and be equipped by hearing stories of the realities of life as a missionary, as well as learning practical ways to deal with different situations as they arise.

So now I’m in the indefinite land of waiting. I have a few speaking engagements set up during which I have more opportunities to share what’s on & in my heart about the Dominican Republic & what I feel called to. I’ll highlight the following prayer requests in more detail on the prayer page, but I ask for your prayers as support continues to come in, that it would all be according to the Lord’s divine timing, as He lays on the hearts of His children when & how much to commit to. Also pray for me in the mundane of the last minute details (ex: immunizations, insurance, packing, housing, etc.), as well as in saying good-byes.

PS – As I know you must care for me if you’re checking this website for updates, I’d encourage you to learn more about how you can partner in this ministry. A great book that’s been brought to my attention is: Serving As Senders Neal Pirolo it focuses on “How to care for your missionaries while they are preparing to go, while they are on the field, & when they return home.”





“But the fruit of the Spirit is love, joy, peace, longsuffering, gentleness, goodness, faith, meekness, temperance: against such there is no law.”
-Galatians 5:22

Please pray for humility to accept the truths about myself that the Lord wants to continue to reveal to me in this unique time.

The community here amongst us in training has been incredible. Praise Jesus for the friendships & connections in authentic & life-giving relationships between brothers & sisters here. May dissension not be stirred among the ranks, but may we face conflict as it arises in healthy ways. The truth is that the number one reason that missionaries leave the field is that they can’t get along with other missionaries. May the Lord have His way & may what rules our relationships with one another be the love of Christ at work in our lives as opposed to our differences.